About Us

Pera Stone LLC, your source suppliers for beautiful towels that you can enjoy in beach, baths, home decoration or in wedding parties.

Pera Stone is established by two hard working person Erman and Funda Alperen in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and today continue to deliver most admirable towels with best qualities to their customers in California too.

Providing colorful and quality textile products to our customers make us more than happy and lead us to produce different items that we can bring forward.

To achieve the best quality and offer it to affordable prices, we are always looking for the new and modern manufacturers in Turkey where our lovely towels are come from.

You can be sure that every product that we are listing was chosen to manufactured as our own goods to be used in our daily life.

We are looking forward to contact with you for any kind of question that you may have. Please do not hesitate contact with us, we will be happy to serve you!